About Us

Let me tell you about how Doherty Transit Parts came about. My name is Stephen Doherty and for many years I bought, repaired and sold vans, particularly Transit vans. I always found that getting quality spare parts was difficult, and I wasted a lot of time going to breakers' yards and motor factors only to discover that they didn't have what I wanted. So, this led to a business idea – Why not specialise in Transit parts myself!

Over the years I have done a lot of research and got to know plenty of suppliers. This means that in many cases Doherty Transit Parts can supply you with an original Ford part for the same price that many competitors charge for non-original parts. We do also stock aftermarket (not original or OEM Ford parts) but only those that I personally know to be of high quality. Not all new parts are equal, and here at Doherty Transit Parts we know the difference.

We also stock used parts, but only parts that have been tested. All used parts are on the shelf andready to be picked up or sent out by courier.

You can definitely buy with confidence from us. And we really take pride in customer service.

Please feel free to contact us withany enquiry whatsoever.