6th Mar 2015

Ford Transit Formula F Oil - For the Life of Your Engine

Why should you use Ford Formula F 5w/30?

For a start this oil is recommended by Ford. It's fully synthetic so the oil molecules are a uniform size so the lubrication provided is consistent. In addition, the smoother flow of the oil results in less drag hence better fuel economy. Why take a chance on an inferior engine oil just to save a few quid. Besides, our price is really competitive - see below.

How much does it cost?

We charge just 35 euros and that includes VAT and FREE delivery. Other retailers charge as much as 58 euros for the same product.

Use a genuine Ford oil filter too

We stock genuine Ford oil filters ensuring that your engine gets superior protection from harmful contaminants. From only 9 euros including VAT and delivery.

It's easy to change the oil yourself! 

This short video shows you how.